The 3 Best Discount Shopping Apps

With the inflation rate constantly on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to lower costs. Discount apps are a great tool to give you a little discount from time to time. Sometimes the discounts are small however sometimes they can be a cause for a little celebration.

There is a variety of shopping discount apps and we’re going to bring you 3 of the best to use for obtaining your next discount.

Firstly let’s delve into the world of discount apps, what are they and how do they work? Discount apps have two parts to them. Some discount apps may only be those that offer exclusive coupons, while others may be those that offer cash-backs. Some discount apps, however, have both features.

Coupon apps do all the couponing work for you so that you don’t have to. They do this by searching the web and then providing coupons, promotion codes as well as other point-of-sale savings opportunities for many different products as well as services. Some coupon apps may give you alerts when they have stumbled upon any deals you may have wanted. You activate these coupon apps once you’ve added your desired items to your cart. The coupon app will then proceed to search for all appropriate coupons and discounts. When using coupon apps remember to add the plug-in of your chosen app to your browser. This will make it easier for you to see it when you’re doing your online shopping from your desktop device.

Cash-back apps reward you as their user for purchasing certain products. They do this by providing you with a pre-determined amount of money back. After creating an account within your chosen app, whenever you purchase products that are eligible for a cash-back, the app will offer you the percentage of cash-back. This is only the case when your purchase is from a retail store that partners with your chosen app. The app then waits for your cash-back total to reach a certain amount and then the amount of cash is paid out to you in various different ways.


3 Best Apps

As we’ve mentioned before, the list of discount shopping apps is a long one but we’re going to talk about 3 of the best apps to use.

  • Coupon Cabin
  • Flipp
  • Rakuten

Coupon Cabin

You can use this app to find savings deals online as well as in stores. Coupon Cabin searches for online promo codes and can also be used to download in-store coupons that can be scanned at the cash register. Coupon Cabin has over 3,500 cash-back partner sites that it uses to award you as its user up to 20% cash-back upon purchasing an eligible product. Coupon Cabin has many different features including a feature that allows you to locate freebies and be able to claim them. It is also available as a browser Extention.


Flipp allows you to browse ads from a variety of stores. The app then loads coupons onto your customer loyalty card and then creates digital shopping lists for you to use. Flipp is the most suitable app for you if you enjoy searching for savings deals on your own. The app is a good one for people who share duties as the digital shopping lists it generates can be synced across various devices.


A few years ago Rakuten was called Ebate. This is a great app for earning cash-back for your online purchases. Rakuten offers you cash-back at various stores. It also offers you cash-back at restaurants as well as on travel. Whenever there are coupons available, Rakuten’s browser extension will apply them automatically to your purchase. With Rakuten you can withdraw your cash-back through PayPal or by check.

Of course, there are plenty more discount apps out there on the market, and it is really up to you to choose the apps best suited to your needs. The above-mentioned discount shopping apps will certainly help make your shopping experience a delightful one. They are easy to use and make sure to bring to you any available coupons and cash-back deals. Though the deals are sometimes small, saving is saving, and especially with cash-back apps, every little cash-back deal counts.

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