How to Drive Repeat Business with VIP Incentives

A well-designed VIP rewards program can be an extremely powerful strategy in driving repeat business. By rewarding customer loyalty through providing outstanding customer service and benefits, you can build a profitable, growing, and loyal base of repeat customers.

Rewarding your most loyal customers and encouraging repeat purchases is a very effective way to promote growth. According to the Pareto Principle, or the Law of the Vital Few, almost 80% of your sales come from a mere 20% of your customers. By investing in this powerful 20%, you might be rewarded with huge returns.


1. Reward VIP members with points and discounts

Utilizing points and discounts is an excellent way to incentivize customer loyalty. Awarding points for every purchase makes customers feel like they’re getting a good deal, and offering rewards like brand merchandise, exclusive coupons, or credit towards a future purchase can encourage satisfied customers to make repeat purchases.

There are many effective methods of promoting use of the rewards program, too. Designing the points and discounts with expiration dates can encourage customers to use them sooner, and you can also offer time-limited deals in exchange for points that encourages them to get an amazing exclusive coupon or deal while it’s still available. By encouraging VIP members to actively participate in the rewards program, you can very effectively encourage frequent purchasing habits.


2. Promote user-generated content in your marketing

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your brand quality and customer satisfaction is by allowing the customers to speak for themselves! Many brands utilize user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy, and encourage satisfied customers to post about their own experiences in brand hashtags or challenges.

By sharing this content with your brand’s followers online, you can promote a lifestyle element that encourages loyalty, establish trust with new and skeptical customers, and maybe even encourage a trend that could go viral and promote your product to millions of people worldwide.


3. Target VIPs with advertising

Using targeted advertising with your most loyal VIP members is a highly efficient method of driving sales. This customer base is extremely effective to advertise to because of their demonstrated brand loyalty. By sending them updates on new products and offering exclusive coupons, you can encourage them to engage with your brand as repeat customers.

You can also utilize email to remind VIP members of time-sensitive components of the reward programs like expiring VIP eligibility or rewards. When brand-loyal customers see these emails, they may feel strongly encouraged to take action or make a purchase to ensure they maintain their elite VIP status and that their rewards are always utilized.


4. Offer a prize-packed referral program

Referral programs are a powerful growth strategy, because they incentivize both your dedicated VIP members and new customers unfamiliar with the brand. You can provide incentives like rewards points or exclusive coupons to VIP members who make successful referrals, and encourage new customers to make their first purchase with targeted discounts and rewards meant to leave a lasting positive impression of your brand.


5. Invite VIP members to exclusive programs

By rewarding customer loyalty with eligibility for an elite VIP program, you can give your repeat customers a sense of status and encourage them to support your brand on a loyal, long-term basis. You can set up eligibility criteria that drive repeat business and reward engagement with the brand, and reward this with benefits like invitations to special events, exclusive sales, and early access to new products. These benefits can be very persuasive towards driving future purchases, and they’ll keep your VIP customers coming back to maintain their elite status.

Building a VIP rewards program that offers a sense of exclusivity and community is a highly effective method of driving repeat business. It lets your dedicated customers know that their business is appreciated, and encourages them to treat the brand and products as a lifestyle. This can ultimately lead to growing brand awareness and lifelong customer loyalty. By investing in your most loyal VIP members, you encourage them to invest themselves in your brand and products.

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